Israel’s Labor Discrimination…

…must stop.

At least, if the Israeli economy is to benefit and boost from eliminating discriminatory practices that are harming more than previously anticipated.

The figures outlined by Meirav Arlosoroff, are quite staggering:

1.5 million Arabs, Druze and Circassians make up 20% of the Israeli population, but contribute only 8% of Israel’s gross domestic product.

Almost half of these families live in poverty. Their average household income is only 57% of that of a Jewish household, and their participation in the workforce is almost ridiculously low: only 40%, among men.

For women the figure is less than 20%.

Female Arab college graduates simply cannot find jobs. Their official unemployment rate may be low, only about 3%, but that’s only because most no longer even waste time in signing up at the Employment Service.

They have given up on finding a job and have abandoned the job market, after a third were unable to find work. [Source]

What render’s Arlosoroff’s article particularly interesting is the absence of blame allocation: the reality that “clear discrimination in the workplace and clear discrimination also in infrastructure and education, in government spending on these areas” is at the root and objectively discussed.

The Israeli economy clearly has much to gain from incorporating the minority groups – and a lot to lose if it continues to ostracise them.

Integration it seems, has always been and will always be the way forward.

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