Return to Sheikh Jarrah

Sheikh Jarrah is fast proving the hub of settler activities: in August the Jerusalem district witnessed the endeavours of the Hanoun family to retain their home, though they are sadly one of many families enduring uncertainty and loss.

This week is the turn of an 85-year-old Kurdish woman, whose family have been unceremoniously turned out of their home on the pretext that “They can go to Syria, Iraq, Jordan”.quds-home1

I kid you not, and here is another nugget of settler philosophy 101:

We are six million and they are billions. This land is Israel. We are in Israel. God gave this land to the Jews. The Torah tells us so. You want war? Declare war on God, not on us. [Source]

Not only is the Al Kurd family missing a home, but clearly an obscure village shrouded by the mists of time and ignorance is also mourning the absence of its prize idiot.

The seizure marks the seventh Palestinian home to be occupied this year, as settlers attacked the house under Israeli military and police cover.

Later today a protest vigil will take place outside the Al Kurd home.

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