Lincoln Mosque: Planners Advise No-Vote

3758989A few weeks ago I posted on the fervent NIMBYism sweeping the city of Lincoln in response to the construction of a new mosque (left) to hold the expanding Islamic community.

This week the city planners have weighed into the fray advising councillors to cast a no-vote on the new building.

(The new – I must point out again – beautiful building that will ameliorate the area no end.)

The only thing uglier than the flagrant NIMBYism is the excuses given:

[P]lanning permission is refused because of the unacceptable harm which the traffic and parking demands generated by the use will have on highway safety and on the amenity of local residents. [Source]

It’s a mosque, not a MotoGP circuit.

I sincerely doubt the Sheikh is a petrol-head and the community is hardly known for its penchant for engine-souping.

What really galls is the lack of coverage the issue has received.

Not just in terms of procrastination and obstacles on the part of the council and local residents, but regarding the anti-Islamic sentiments broiling in the city.

To wit: if a Christian church had been torched by Muslim youths in Bradford (or anywhere in Europe or the Middle East for that matter) it would be in the news for days.

The Daily Mail would issue a cut-out-and-keep edition on immigration and the BNP’s Nick Griffin would positively explode with self-righteousness.


A mosque is torched and only the local paper records it.

Where is the justice?

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