Gaza Women Recount Conflict

Eman Mohammed has published a report comprising interviews with female survivors of the conflict in Gaza earlier this year.

Their accounts are at once tragic, shocking and heartbreaking.

Kawther Abed Rabo, of Ezbet Abed Rabo in northern Gaza, recalls the day her children were killed in front of her eyes by Israeli soldiers:

They asked us to line up in front of the doorstep. I was helping my mother-in-law to walk while Khaled was holding the girls’ hands: Amal, 2 years old; Sua’ad, 7 years old; and Samar, 4 years old. Suddenly a third one got out of the tank with an M16 and began shooting my girls. Sua’ad and Amal fell dead immediately. I didn’t know about Samar so I just grabbed her and Amal and went back to the house. Khaled was supposed to get Sua’ad but his mother got injured. It was madness and I really can’t understand what happened. What did I do to get my angels killed in front of my eyes? Khaled lost his mind and went back out asking them to shoot him but they didn’t. [Source]

As the conflict raged around the Strip, in Al Zaiton, Manal Al Samoni, 39, was entering premature labor.

Unbeknown to her, her brother lay dying in the street.

The screams of her mother, Majeda Al Samoni, 67, heralded his demise:

He is really gone! If I knew they would shoot my only son while I’m helping my daughter to deliver I swear I would never have left him. I thought he ran away with his family not knowing he was bleeding for four hours screaming for help… Oh, my beloved son!

How quickly and callously life is snatched from the innocent and how easily the lives of those who remain are blighted forever more by the tragedies left behind.

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