Intermarriage “strategic national threat” to Israel

Considering the tragic nature of some of the stories covered here on Caledoniyya, I am surprised that the following has rendered me dumb:

But it has.

Part of an aggressive government campaign commencing this week, the advert calls for individuals to return from the Jewish Diaspora and reclaim their roots.

More controversially, MASA hopes to galvanize the public to commit to the fight against marriage to non-Jews, which Jewish Agency officials have branded a “strategic national threat.”

Over at Mondoweiss a valid point is raised: why is such a story not covered more widely in the media?

It is after all, cold hard racism; one would be hard-pressed to define it by any other term.

To view the images of the men and women on the posters one would imagine they had died; that MASA views such a natural occurrence so dimly is incomprehensible.

Often as viewers we become so captivated by the broader actions of Israel – the wars, the settler violence – that the latent, though no less disconcerting, issues pass by unnoticed.

In contrast, I wonder how Israeli citizens feel about the advert; all too often governments take questionable actions without considering the needs or views of the populace.

I suspect that responses to how far Israeli society endorses the notion of intermarriage as a “strategic national threat” would hold the true direction of Israeli opinion on the matter.

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