Lest We Forget: Yassir Tamizi

Image via Ben Heine @ FlickrAlmost eight months on, the case against the IDF soldier accused of the murder of Gazan Yassir Tamizi is grinding to a slow halt with little (or no) progress.

On January 13, in the midst of Operation Cast Lead, Tamizi was stopped by a reservist patrol in the Hebron area and taken to the IDF post near Tarkumiya.

Riled by worry over his 7-year-old son who had been left behind, Tamizi was frantically resisting arrest.

So the soldier shot him.

The defense runs something along the lines that the soldier in question was “frightened” by Tamizi and thus prompted into killing him.

Let us remember that this is an armed IDF soldier, at an armed IDF post, surrounded by fellow armed IDF soldiers holding a solitary unarmed Palestinian.

How frightening could this be?

He was shot three times.

Three times.

It was the bullet to the chest that ultimately sealed his fate and left a child fatherless.

As is wont in such scenarios, the IDF soldiers portray the events rather differently, recounting that Tamizi shook off a gaggle of soldiers and lunged at the deadly weapon in a bid to seize it.

That he somehow also broke out of handcuffs is forgotten; if he had enacted such a feat worthy of Rambo, it does not look good for the patrol.

But it is unlikely.

Tamizi has become yet another victim of not only IDF brutality but also of Israeli military bureaucracy.

Which is why he and countless others like him, should not be forgotten: justice must be gained.

His family deserves that much.

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