Rural NIMBYists Protest Mosque

This story has been rumbling on in bucolic Lincolnshire for longer than is necessary.

A brief synopsis: the Muslim community of Lincoln has outgrown the tiny building that has served as a mosque over the years and a new one is to be constructed.

Initial moves to seek a new place of worship were thwarted by arsonists driven mad by the prospect of Muslims having a decent place to exercise their right to practise their faith.

The second attempt has been met by much pitch-fork rattling and this week the Council has been put on stand-by for “a flood of letters” in protest.

Having seen images of the prospective mosque and the area in which it is to be built, I must expound that it shall be an architectural asset, rather than the eye-sore that the protesters allege.

The whole scenario is so middle England, not-in-my-backyard that it makes me want to eat my desk in frustration.

To wit:

This is going to be a very large building that is not going to benefit residents in the area. The number of cars that are going to be coming to a building of this size from all over the county is going to make parking a nightmare. I sympathise with the Muslim community and I think they deserve a mosque but it needs to be in the right place and this just isn’t it. [Source]

I mean, really.

Car parks? Are you serious? Is that truly why the fire-branding minions of ruralism set fire to the previous site?

Let us be honest: had this been a temple for Sikhs or a synagogue for the Jewish community, would the protest be so ardent?

The Islamic Association has an inalienable right to practise its faith where and how it chooses.

If a beautiful building providing for honest, pious people offends your sensitivities then so be it.

Such prejudices are no longer welcome in this world, so please, return to reading your Daily Mail, grumble over your runny eggs and soldiers, and most of all: live and let live.

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