The Indomitable Hanouns

Earlier this week I posted on the eviction of a number of families from the Sheikh Jarrah area of Jerusalem, only for their homes to be swiftly reoccupied by Israeli settlers.

Images of crying family members and outraged citizens were accompanied by brooding Israeli police supervising the expulsion.

From the sadness has arisen another emotion – one that the Palestinians are renowned for and that has sustained the struggle over the decades: defiance.

None more so than in the case of the Hanoun family, who have taken up residence on the street outside their home.

Yes, their home – not a grammatical err, but a truth.

Sleeping rough, they are protesting the abhorrent act that has lost their decades-long home and in turn their lives.

The results of their actions will no doubt involve much manhandling and further injustices at the hands of the Israeli police, but the Hanouns are admirable nonetheless.

Remarkable, incredible people.

One comment on “The Indomitable Hanouns

  1. Grover Kibel
    March 13, 2012

    Thanks for the share!

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