Tear Gas and Invitations: Lubna Hussein’s Trial

Today marked the trial of Lubna Hussein, a widow in her 30s battling to change a Sudanese legislation that advocates 40 lashes for trouser-clad women.Image via Timesonline

Having already flouted the immunity granted by her status as a UN employee, Lubna has courted the media and distributed 500 invitations to her trial.

In doing so, she has heightened the rallying call for clause 152 to be removed.

Rather predictably, though no less shamefully, Sudanese riot police came out in force and confronted supporters, including the arrested writer Amal Habani, with tear gas.

Lubna’s case has been adjourned until 7 September to recheck her immunity status – much to the consternation of the public information officer:

They want to check with the UN whether I have immunity from prosecution. I don’t know why they are doing this because I have already resigned from the United Nations. I think they just want to delay the case.

Delay or not, given Lubna’s pluck it is likely the time will be used efficiently to drum up more support, awareness and – ultimately – change for Sudan’s women.

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