Iran’s Gender Divide

The following short follows an unnamed Iranian bus driver, who by sheer grit and cojones that would make a grown man shudder (and possibly does, during the road rage incident) has become one of the few – if not only – female bus drivers in Iran.

The gender divide is poignantly demonstrated both professionally – women cannot become judges and the driver views her position as trail-blazing – and socially, as the men grumble in astonishment at being seated at the back of the bus, while the womenfolk take up the prime seats.

It is a remarkable insight, even if the driver’s son disappointingly reverts to type: when asked what job he thinks his mother would be best suited to, he responds “housekeeping” and that he wants to be a judge eventually.

Having married early to escape the conservative environment of her family and at last achieved her objective of fulfilling a “man’s role”, the perspective of the son brings the ideologies oddly full circle with the misogynistic conservatism skipping a generation.

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