Caledoniyya Peace, 1 Megabyte at a Time

A positive tale at last, as Palestinian and Israeli software developers have come together to launch the first Web hosted global operating system.

Comprising a personal desktop, files and applications that can be accessed from any browser or mobile phone, has been launched near the security fence in Jerusalem.AP

According to Zvi Schreiber, CEO of, the programme has proved successful both technologically and socially:

The idea is to make Palestinians and Israelis cooperate. And I just looked on Google to find some colleagues, Palestinian colleagues, and met some people I liked and then we built this joint team together.

I certainly hope that by getting Israelis and Palestinians together and by creating Jobs in Palestine, I hope we can contribute something to Peace. [Source]

A win-win situation then, as the world of technology receives a boost and peace is given a chance.

We really do need more of these initiatives.

One comment on “ Peace, 1 Megabyte at a Time

  1. Montasser Abdellatif
    July 27, 2009

    Thanks for this nice coverage. Please continue loging to at from any browser and from a mobile version.


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