The Not-So-Cute Cellcom Ad

You may or may not have caught the Israeli Cellcom ad in which frivolous IDF soldiers indulge in a spot of the beautiful game with (presumably) Palestinian sporting cohorts.

With the apartheid wall rising between the two, the bonhomie is celebrated to raucous cheers from the IDFees, while the Palestinians are represented through the ball flying from nowhere.

Clearly as tickled by the twee rendering as the rest of the not-so-amused world, the plucky Palestinian villagers of Bil’in have posted a riposte that shows the stark reality of life in the shadow of partition and the true reaction of the IDF to flying balls:

Ultimately, replace laughter and high jinks with tear gas and “stinking water” and you have the true Israeli reaction to a football from the ‘other’ side.

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This entry was posted on July 21, 2009 by in Israel, Middle East, Palestine, Pop culture and tagged , , , .
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