West Bank Fence Hits Wall

It seems even the best laid (bad) plans can run amok:ย the apartheid – ahem -‘separation’ fence currently under construction in the West Bank has hit a wall in terms of progress – 60% and NIS 9.5 billion in, the project has slowed enough to cause worry on the Israeli side.

Image via osaarchivum.orgCommenced in 2002, work has since been abandoned east of the Green Line leaving open areas on the outskirts of Jerusalem, the Etzion bloc and the Judean Desert.

Inevitably, endeavours to surmount the legal challenges that are stalling progress have begun in earnest; meanwhile, international outcry has adeptly been tuned out.

Here’s hoping the law stands strong and the dastardly construction languishes in a dilapidated state ever more.

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This entry was posted on July 14, 2009 by in Conflict Zones, Israel, Middle East, Palestine and tagged , , , .
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