Men Cover Your Ears, Women Silence Your Songs

Too many posts have been dedicated to the quirky fatwas emanating from Islamic scholars and I am deeply guilty of being tickled pink by such edicts on too many occasions.

It is refreshing then, that this time the outburst arrives courtesy of former Chief Rabbi Moderchai Eliyahu who has cautioned against the current trend of men “kow-tow[ing] to women”.

Top of the list of heinously wily activities committed by women to lure men from the righteous path is singing and accordingly soldiers have been advised to cover their ears, as “It’s better to go to jail than to obey the commander and hear a woman sing or play.”

It’s as though the Sirens have risen from the depths just to tempt the Israeli army. How mythic.

Next, is women giving speeches, particularly if she is prone to making hand gestures: “It’s very serious. One should watch out for these things”.

Indeed. Mute singing? Check. Rigid non-public speaking? Check. Anything else Rabbi?

Today at weddings everything is allowed – to dance, to look… a man dances with a woman he doesn’t know… men swap women. This is a very serious thing! Rabbis, repent! Admit: Say, ‘we were wrong. We won’t allow mixed dancing, mixed weddings, mixed sitting’. Because a woman wants to be looked at. But men don’t like them, because men know this is wrong. [Source]

Yes. I am deeply wicked. I force men to look at me even though it is a heinous and naughty activity.

Poor men. It must be tough carrying such a light load of the religious guilt.

At least it highlights another commonality the three key faiths share: guilt and the heaping of blame on women.

Sometimes we are more alike than we realize; even if it is through such cutting bonds of female disdain.

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