Marwa al-Sherbini

It’s quite chilling that the following news story did not – or barely – blipped on British news.

This week’s coverage has been utterly squiffy: headlining for what seemed an eternity was coverage of Michael Jackson’s funeral; the memorial to the victims of the London attacks in 2005 was relegated to second to last place.

Meanwhile, the murder of 32-year-old Marwa al-Sherbini in a courtroom in Dresden, Germany, did not even register.

Marwa was murdered in front of her three-year-old son and her husband, who was subsequently shot in the leg by security officers as he tried to stop the attacker stabbing his pregnant wife 18 times.

Her attacker, known only as Alex W., was in court after he called her a ‘terrorist’ and was subsequently fined 780 euros.

He was in the process of appealing when he attacked.

The case just gets worse and worse, yet somehow has been deemed almost un-newsworthy.

But this is news.

It is the only news that matters.

When an event such as this passes without note, yet the demise of a singer is covered for days, we must acknowledge that we are living in dark times indeed.

3 comments on “Marwa al-Sherbini

    July 10, 2009

    The EU must issue a Global Anti- Islamic Review Act , the same as (Global Anti-Semitism Review Act) because the prosecuting authority in Germany admit that the killer ‘driven by a deep hatred of Muslims’ which indicate ‘The real responsibility for this awful case lies with the increasingly anti-Islamic and racist climate in Europe , an atmosphere in which politicians and public intellectuals and celebrities have played a great part’ , although it’s every human duty to do this , but the Muslims communities and activists must take the lead to reach out to the whole world to make it happen what ever it take

  2. kinziblogs
    July 10, 2009

    Marwa’s murder is indeed tragic, especially since there was a system in place for her protection. As I have been saddened by the lack of reporting in Western media, I have also noticed in the last month that the murder of three white Christian females in Yemen, one white Christian male in Mauritania and the beheading of seven Christians in Somalia also received no coverage.

    I think sometimes that a secular media isn’t interested when people of any faith are murdered.

    • Layla
      July 10, 2009

      I think the murders in Yemen at least were covered here. But you are right, religion-based stories seem to have become almost unpalatable to the Western media. Which is utterly bonkers, because a murder is a murder, the loss of life a tragic occurrence regardless of the faith or denomination.

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