International Aid Workers Trapped in Gaza

This just landed in my inbox:

Jenny Linnell is a co-founder of the International Solidarity Movement(ISM) Rafah group, and an original crew member of one of the Free Gaza boats.

For the last year she has been accompanying Palestinians and documenting events in the Gaza strip, both before, during and after the war, the footage of which focuses on fishermen and farmers under fire and can be viewed here and here.Jenny Linnell

Since the end of May, Jenny and her colleague, Natalie Abou Shakra (Lebanon/UK) have attempted to return home via the border crossing at Rafah into Egypt, but have been continuously turned away.

Egyptian Border Guards informed the activists that they were being refused exit because of their work with the Free Gaza boats.

In addition, they were told that they would ‘never be let out’.

Naturally, it is vital that this treatment is not allowed to continue unchallenged, and accordingly bloggers and supporters of the Free Gaza cause are urged to assist in raising awareness about the case by ringing The Egyptian Embassy in London on 020 7499 3304/2401 and The British Foreign Office Middle East Desk 020 70088784.

Callers are advised by ISM to be “polite, but persistent and lengthy”.

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