Teflon Silvio Gets Any Party Started

Because nothing quite tickles the senses as a Silvio-fest:

The young women were shown an hour-long documentary about Berlusconi. They watched clips of the billionaire Prime Minister with world leaders and on the campaign trail.

Towards the end, a song was played, It’s Just As Well There’s Silvio. Many girls sang along, their hands raised in the air. At the dinner afterwards, Berlusconi showed off photos of his villas, told dirty jokes and handed out expensive jewellery. Then he started singing and dancing. [Source]

Teflon Silvio

If there is one good thing about Berlusconi, it is that he enables me to perpetually discover new nadirs of shame and incredulity.

That he is supported at all is boggling: the man is a megalomaniac.

To wit:

In most countries, one would have thought Berlusconi was doomed. But one way or another, he always gets off the hook. Either the Statute of Limitations intervenes, meaning the crime is past its ‘crime-by’ date; or else he, being Prime Minister, changes the law, or grants himself immunity, or makes wire taps illegal. He is, it seems, untouchable. [Source]

Changing laws, controlling state television and press – why, I do believe there is a word for this…

… Ah yes, dictatorship.

From hitting on female paramedics in L’Aquila to the infernal Anti-Migrant Bill, it is nigh impossible to pinpoint a positive development that has emerged from the diminutive leader.

Accordingly, in the name of objectivity (and curiosity) all pro-Berlusconi arguments are welcome.

For now, I shall merely alternate between laughing and crying with mirth and shame, while pondering the very good odds that Teflon Silvio once again will wriggle out of Barigate with well-honed adeptness.

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