And so it begins: as the British embassy pulls its staff and their families out of Iran and the media is edged out hour by hour, so too does ominous evidence of further terror on the streets of Tehran emerge.

Fervent comparisons between what is currently unfolding and the events of 1979 are rife; nevertheless, a massively remarkable difference is the technology now available.

The media can be expelled, the embassies closed, but the sheer will of the Iranian people cannot be quietened so easily.

Their strength and defiance has made it possible for the global community to witness acts of oppression, such as the cold-blooded slaughter of Neda.

Watching the demonstrations beside her father she became an innocent victim of the riots.

The film is graphic – be warned – but it is also spreading like wildfire through the blogosphere, Facebook and every medium possible.

The acts of the basiji and the demise of Neda will not be forgotten; rather, it will linger in cyberspace for decades to come: a dark reminder and a damning indictment on the regime.

Unlike 1979, everyone is watching and nobody will forget.

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