Victory for Ahmadinejad, A Blow to Iran

As with all elections that promise positive change, it started of with a buzzing of optimism.

Mirhossein Mousavi would end the oppressive regime meted out by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and bring Iran to its rightfully high and admirable position in world politics.

News tickers trickled promising developments like honey.

Image via Tehran BureauMousavi was ahead.

Ahmadinejad was falling.

Then, from nowhere Iranian state television announced the improbable: Ahmadinejad wins by 90%.


Even when Bush Jr. cheated he was not so pompous as to invent a figure so ego-massagingly enormous.

And now Tehran burns.

Thank you, President, for not only snuffing out the light of hope, but also bringing incandescent violence upon the Iranian people.

Ironically, as a personal aside, I’ve just reached the part in Azadeh Moaveni’s stupendously brilliant Lipstick Jihad in which the people are on the brink of change under Khatami, yet are plunged into bathos soon after.

Perhaps Mousavi would have brought positive change; perhaps he would have failed.

It would have been comforting to have tried.

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