Eurovision 2009: The People Have Half-Spoken

Of all my guilty pleasures, Eurovision has to be the most substantial: I simply adore the kitsch, the wailing for terrible numbers to stop my ears from bleeding, and the penchant for shirt-ripping, as set as precedent by the man who has my vote tonight: Sakis Rouvas.

However, though much harrumphing has been made over ‘political bloc voting’ in recent years, I’m not sure I am entirely in favour of the new system that incorporates a reinstated jury.

SakiFrom tonight, only half of each country’s telephone votes will count, while the remainder of points will be decided by the panel of music industry specialists representing each country.

Somehow the approach smacks of ‘mother knows best’ and lends a putrid seriousness to the whole proceedings.

In effect, it signifies that we, the viewers, do not fully understand the implications of our votes: that Sweden wishes to award Norway 12 points should be respected regardless of the quality of the ditty.

The giddy fun of Eurovision is the injustice: sometimes the winning acts are fabulous, sometimes they are dire and the result of bloc voting.

Ultimately, the best don’t always win and this is a crucial aspect of life: quality does not guarantee success.

By halving the public votes and merging them with those of the panel is almost patronizing: the public have spoken and the griping should commence in due course.

This is how it has always been, and therein lies the appeal.

Tonight I shall be indulging in my own quality-questionable support as I trumpet Greece to win; whether my country of residence approves or not is irrelevant.

Musical merit? Pah!

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