A Blip of Recruitment Creativity

As the endless trawl for jobs wears on, it is refreshing to discover not only an interesting new enterprise, but an employer with zest and yes, honesty:

Full details: You are a writer, a photographer, a graphic artist, or all of the above.

Every time you pick up a newspaper or magazine you roll your eyes and shriek (or sigh), “Damn it! I can do better than this!”

We need to talk.

I am a veteran publisher and am in the process of launching a new, small circulation, fortnightly publication in London. I need you (but not every single one of you, so don’t get uppity).

The yet-to-be-named periodical will concentrate on important news and arts stories that other London rags somehow, inexplicably, miss, or explore them from angles the others are (sometimes intentionally) blind to. Do we care if yet another MP is caught wearing his wife’s underwear in a seedy, squalid hotel in Earl’s Court? Only if we were drinking mojitos and discussing the impact of the world economic crisis on the price and quality of street drugs with him at the time.

Everywhere you look Londoners are doing extraordinary things. Some of them are doing extraordinarily wonderful things. Others are doing extraordinarily horrible things. Still others are doing extraordinarily stupid things that beggar belief. Find those stories. That is your mission.

Payment: Pitiful. Very pitiful. Even for freelance work.

Don’t send me your CV, I don’t want to know. Tell me what the city needs to know in politics, music, film, or art. Tell me why you are the person to write it.

Apply to: Everywhen Limited

There is a word for this. Refreshing.

So refreshing, in fact, that if I lived in London I would probably apply – the enthusiasm is darn infectious.

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