Abruzzo Earthquake

Earthquakes are tragedies in a whole other category: while we can allocate blame for the majority of catastrophes – including forest fires, as in the recent Australian case – earthquakes are merely the brute force of nature.


Striking out of the blue and leaving towns and cities scarred masses of rubble and scores, at times hundreds, dead and orphaned there is little mercy and few preventative measures.


What gets me though is this: amidst the devastation gaggles of numb-skulls think not of aiding those trapped under rubble, but of looting.




A block of student accommodation collapsed and the search for survivors is yielding more and more bodies, yet pinching cigarettes and cash is at the forefront of looter’s minds.


We cannot apportion blame to earthquakes, but we can direct anger and perplexity towards such callous opportunists.

5 comments on “Abruzzo Earthquake

  1. SD
    April 6, 2009

    ehm… where you see looting in these images, all i see are rescue operations…

  2. Layla
    April 7, 2009

    The images represent the devastation and efforts of the rescuers that stand in contrast to the activities of the looters. Of course these are not looters.

  3. Lucio
    April 10, 2009

    There is no looting. These are my people and they are suffering. Ancient churches and Castles are all gone and the town history is gone. My Paryers to the people who have died and to Abruzzo. My Family is from Abruzzo. I am very proud to be an Italian American and of an Italian background. Please do not say there is looting. There is just sadness. Pray for the people and the Victims and for Abruzzo.

  4. Layla
    April 11, 2009

    Lucio – I’m with you on the prayers side; yesterday the funerals were screened on all Italian network channels and it is the most tragic event.

    However, there is looting – the Italian news networks even screened the jewellery and money seized by the police from those caught looting, in yesterday’s reports (on both RAI and Canale 5). Further reports in English can be found here and here.

    It is a sad fact, but a fact nonetheless.

  5. Peter
    April 14, 2009

    This is tragic. I can’t believe people would rather loot than help the people suffering around them. We should all be helping these people any way we can. There is a project on a website called where you can donate money which will directly help the people suffering in the area. The project on Globalgiving is called Appeal for Victims of Abruzzo Earthquake and the link is Lets help these people in their time of need.

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