Girl Flogged For Being In Proximity of Married Man

Admittedly, it is not the catchiest of post titles, but there comes a point when pixie-eared jauntiness must be laid aside.

The following video was captured on a camera phone, those omnipresent devices that are marking our lives for both good and ill.

In this instance, I would say – for want of a better word in the circumtances – good, for it exposes the ongoing and damnable treatment of women under Taliban rule.

The clip is distressing and beyond forgiveable; the crime of the young lady in question being merely that she was seen in proximity to a married man in the Swat valley of Pakistan.

Loathe as I am to make incongruous and sudden jumps between subject matter, I cannot help but draw a parallel between Natalia’s post of the day and this: men are perpetually deemed as the innocents; women forever the wicked temptresses who must be persecuted and punished in the most violent manner for their crimes.

In this case, the punishment is 37 lashes.

And the man holding her face-down in the dirt is her brother.

Be warned, for it is shocking and distressing to witness how low mankind can sink.

6 comments on “Girl Flogged For Being In Proximity of Married Man

  1. kinziblogs
    April 4, 2009

    Sick. Sick. Sick.

    When people tell me sharia law will solve all of America’s financial and moral problems, that women have more rights under sharia, I have a really hard time believing it.

    Make sharia law work for women in Afghanistan, then I might listen. Goodness, make regular law work for regular women in Jordan and I might listen.

  2. bambam
    April 5, 2009

    sharia works what what ?
    i’ll be glad to dismantle that silly argument anyday… and anyone is welcome to try making that point

  3. loolt
    April 5, 2009


    BTW, is not shariah, its habal and culture taking place here… who ever heard of shariah considering proximity to a married man a crime!

  4. bambam
    April 5, 2009

    khilwa al rajal 3alla al mar2a horma (the privacy of a man in the presense of an unrelated women is forbiden)… i’ll dig up the hadith for ya loolt …
    so yeah …

  5. Maioush
    April 5, 2009

    YEEEE poor thing, this was disturbing to watch!!!
    These people are really sick, I really feel sorry for the poor girl 😦

  6. asqfish
    April 15, 2009

    It is interesting to read the post script on this, as it turns out it was a fake video by a group of people opposed to the politics of the region and its people aided and abetted by the NGOs. They admitted to it it seems after the plot unraveled under official investigation.
    ……….read more in the US):
    Here is what they report:

    People of Swat Answer Fake Video Distributed by pro-Western Groups: Big Rally Condemns Indian Agent Altaf Hussain

    April 6, 2009. Tens of thousands of people from all over Swat gathered in Green Square of the capital city called Mingora. The rally organized by the Swat Peace Movement condemned a disinformation video distributed by pro-western groups in Pakistan known as NGO’s. The video showed two men holding down a young woman and a third whipping her while a crowd watched and she cried.

    The video was rapidly distributed all over Pakistan and pro-western groups quickly rallied in defense of “women’s rights” and demanded that Shari’a [Islamic Law] not be implemented in Swat and that Pak military should take action in Swat against the Taliban. Altaf Hussain, the leader of an agent group in Karachi known as MQM, showed great distress at the “violation of women’s rights” and called for urgent action against the Taliban. The newly re-instated Chief Justice was enlisted in this cause.

    Analysts soon noticed that the accent of the three men in the video were not of the people of Swat. The video was six months old and no one knew who made it, when and how.

    The huge rally in Swat condemned the move against Shar’ia and condemned Altaf Hussain’s activities carried out from London. Speaker after speaker wanted to know why these NGO’s had been silent when atrocities were being committed against the people of Swat [including the army action which left 500,000 people homeless].

    end excerpt

    I guess one should be discerning in publishing a phone shot of a video which apparently has no basis except political smearing…….an age old method of getting back at someone.

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