Caption Time: SuperPolitico, Power Plugs, and Putin Jr.

The moment I saw this image on a French site I sizzled with glee at all the possibilities of cruel and unusual captions with the focus predominantly on Cuban-heels and hair-plugs.


But I feel this is not enough.

This image cries out for juicy, cynical quips that will explain Obama’s lovely jollity, Berlusconi’s smugness, and Medvedev’s thoughts as he plots an escape from under Power Plug’s armpit.

(At least, I hope this is Medvedev, for he seems a little portly; perhaps it is merely a bad angle.)

Because I would love to think that his thoughts also comprise ‘Vladimir would never have allowed this sanctimonious preening media mogul to have inserted him into such an unearthly pose. The shame.’

Recently, Berlusconi has been expressing his desire to reform the Italian governmental system to enable him to become the longest serving and most powerful Italian leader since Benito Mussolini.

My first thought was roughly ‘God save us from this megalomaniac septuagenarian pint-size despot.’

Then I recalled how it all ended.

All interpretations welcome below.

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