The French Kings of Activism

The reasons I love the French are numerous and their no-nonsense approach to protesting teeters at the top of the list.

A cup of tea and digestive biscuit is not for them; it’s holding the bosses responsible for stopping their income and obliterating their jobs that sates the lust for revenge:

Angry French workers facing layoffs at a Caterpillar factory briefly detained four of their bosses Tuesday at the U.S. manufacturer’s plant in the Alps to protest job cuts, a regional official said.

It is the third time in the past few weeks that French workers have seized their bosses to protest job losses stemming from the global economic crisis.

Last week, workers at a 3M plant south of Paris held the company boss for two days, and earlier this month workers at a Sony plant held a similar protest.

In a new twist, the mayor of the small town of Pont-Saint-Esprit in southern France was prevented from leaving city hall by townspeople angry over municipal management amid the economic downturn. Phone calls to the mayor’s office went unanswered, but the local police confirmed there was a “crisis.” [Continues…]

To date, only the Scots have become active in their hostility towards the prosperous ne’er-do-wells who succeeded in bringing Britain to her knees.

Perhaps vandalism is a step to far, but as usual the French triumph in making a statement in a profound manner.

As Britain wallows in the economic mire and Job Centers become more populous than a gelateria on a hot day, a touch of French revolutionary spirit would not go amiss.

Britain has potential: this week thousands poured into London to take part in the G20 protest – what will it take to crank the activism up a notch?

The Prime Minister’s ostrich stance is becoming embarrassing and his reluctance to act against his own is only serving to isolate the people from the government further.

England has always sustained the notion of a stiff upper-lip; perhaps it is that very trait that is valued that is also enabling the government and its appendages to trample over the needs of its people.

To which end I applaud the French again, and renew my admiration for their cojones, for they are truly the kings of domestic activism.

One comment on “The French Kings of Activism

  1. CAT on the Curb
    March 31, 2009

    I work at a CAT plant here in Illinois. All sallaried personal were offered a buyout package, the most senior production personal who were close to retirement were offered a incentive to retire. The rest of us (1200+ so far) are just being shown the door. Chrysler offered a deal to all their UAW team members. Thanks CAT Thanks UAW. UGH!!! I hope the French workers can at least get some help from CAT. (although I don’t approve of hostage taking) I know CAT is short on funds, only about 20 Billion in profits over the last five years. I didn’t sink GM or AIG….where is my bailout?

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