Best of the Rest: FC Zenit and the Sexist Footie Ban

The following post by Natalia on GlobalComment is simply astonishing, appalling, and heinous – not the post, naturally, but the subject, as the Russian football team FC Zenit makes moves towards banning women from attending games.

That’s attending folks, not even participating, which would be bad enough.

Apparently, so the Zenit theorem goes, our high oestrogen count renders us unable to support, comprehend, or fully appreciate the subtle nuances inherent in the beautiful game.

Clearly they have not seen me in action when Italy play, for my transformation from geeky, polite academic into screaming patriotic banshee is quite remarkable and would send many a male FC Zenit to scurry for cover.

I urge you to read on, here.

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This entry was posted on February 26, 2009 by in Best of the Rest, Culture, Europe and tagged , , , , .
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