Taking human rights activism to a new and visually sublime level is Designers Against Human Rights Abuses (DAHRA), a non-profit organisation founded in 2008 by graphic designer Rishi Sodha.

DAHRA’s objective is an innovative one: drawing together the social, political, and ethical passions of those involved in the realm of creativity, members are encouraged to unite and opine through a plethora of mediums that will raise awareness.

Significantly, DAHRA steers away from the beaten track of shock-’em-into-action, favouring a more peaceful and subtle approach:

It is important to note that DAHRA believes and supports equality for all people, animals and organisms and as such does not tolerate or promote discrimination of anyone or their values or beliefs. DAHRA exists as an aid to all creatives and not as a means to attack others.

The first available project is Designers Against Tibetan Abuse, which hit the shelves earlier this week.

Drawing on contributions by 52 designers from around the world, all proceeds of the book (priced Β£20) go directly to the Tibet Relief Fund, with DAHRA receiving 0%.

Contiguous to the publication, there is also a Si Scott silk screen poster and an exhibition in London, scheduled for this summer.

And, if you want to adopt a more tangible approach towards DAHRA, join as a member for the opportunity to take part in projects alongside established designers for a chance to win various prizes.

In addition, members will also be the first ones to find out about book releases, all future projects, and the launch of the new site.

For further information on all of the above, click here.

One comment on “Design+Peace=DAHRA

  1. Rishi Sodha
    February 8, 2009

    Thank you for the very kind words, we’re glad to have the support of someone so eloquent

    Thanks once again and all the best,

    Rishi Sodha
    Founder of DAHRA

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