Putting the ‘A’ in The A-Team

We are, it has been intoned, heading for the deepest recession Britain has faced since World War II.

Of all of Europe, Britain is braced to bear the brunt of the economic melt-down and with all things fiscal turning to jelly, I am reassured, courtesy of a clutch of women’s magazines, that the only thing I can count on in the next three years is “developing deep furrows around the mouth and eyes.”

Age, it seems, is the one constant – the bugbear that refuses to pause, oiled by the inexorable march of time.

Which is why the rebirth of the A-Team arrives as an irksome herald – once aspects of your childhood become cinematic renaissance vehicles, the wheels of time suddenly grind a little harder.

Set for release in 2010, I wonder whether it will bear the cheesy hallmarks that rendered it so satisfying the first time around: the man’s man agenda, the obligatory female eye’n’arm candy, and plenty of explosions and beefy cars, The A-Team represented the final throes of male chauvinism and hammy action.

Last year I succumbed to the DVD box set, and while in the 1980s I would squeal with delight as the episode unfurled, I wondered whether it would hold the same appeal.

Sure, my inner feminist cringed as the latest hot-panted kitten would coo and demonstrate a range of pretty, but not productive, poses, but on the whole the tacky merriment pervaded with Murdoch remaining my favourite (and Mr. T. a close second).

Joining The Karate Kid, Fame and Weird Science, the past is becoming the present, but how far can it fit in with our new millennial world?

The 80s was a decade characterized by capitalism, wars, strikes, and economic turmoil – is it possible that in times of woe we cannot help but look to the past?

Either way, the chance to relive our youth is too good to miss; I just hope the remakes will retain the degree of kitsch that made them such guilty pleasures the first time round.

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