Activities for Gaza: This Week

As quickly as the conflict flared, so too did the death toll pass the 1,000 mark yesterday.

With no signs of abating, support organizations around the world have gone into overdrive – here is the latest round up of activities in Britain (via Stop the War) and Amman (courtesy of Kinzi):


Stop the War has been inundated by email and phone by people asking how they can get involved in the campaign to stop the carnage in Gaza. We are calling on all of our local groups and supporters to make 17/18 January A Weekend for Gaza in their communities, in their shopping centres, in every town and city. Everyone who is outraged by the death and destruction caused by Israel’s barbarism can contribute. We need to see:

Collections for Gaza:

Israel’s systematic demolition of Gaza’s infrastructure has decimated all basic amenities. Water, fuel, food and medical supplies are in desperate short supply. This weekend organise collections for Gaza, which should be sent to Medical Aid for Palestine, Interpal or other charities supplying essential aid to Gaza. We know people are so outraged by the scale of Palestinian suffering that they will give generously, as a collection of Β£800 in one day in one north London college and similar collections elsewhere have shown. We will circulate shortly details of aid organisations to which donations for Gaza can be sent.

Petitions for Gaza:

Organise a petition to be sent via Stop the War to David Miliband. MP Gerald Kaufman asked foreign secretary David Miliband in the House of Commons this week, “Is it not an incontrovertible fact that Olmert, Livni and Barak are mass-murderers and war criminals”, Miliband replied that “Israel is rightly seen as a beacon of democracy throughout the world.”

Collect as many signatures as you can this weekend calling on
the British government to:

  • Expel the Israeli Ambassador to Britain;
  • Ban all arms sales to Israel now.

Stop the War will have a petition available online shortly for downloading. Create your own if you prefer. Collect as many signatures as you can calling for the British government to act now. Send the petitions to Stop the War and we will deliver them to David Miliband at the foreign office.

Encourage People to Join the Anti-War Campaign

Many people on last week’s London demonstration, who have never been actively involved in the campaigns against war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, etc, have contacted us to say they want to keep informed about future activities, to join local Stop the War groups, where they exist, or to start their own group. Following last week’s protest, new groups are being established in towns and colleges. (We’ll have details of how to start a local Stop the War group in our next newsletter.)

Our network of local groups and communication through the internet and email have become essential in building our demonstrations and other events. This is because the anti-war movement gets so little coverage in the mainstream media. While collecting and petitioning for Gaza on A Weekend for Gaza, encourage people to give us their contact details (particularly email addresses), so they can be kept up to date and stay involved. Send these details to Stop the War, 27 Britannia Street, London WC1X 9JP.

Local Protests and All-London Rally

Local protests have been organised by Stop the War and Palestine Solidarity Campaign on Saturday 17 January in towns and cities across Britain. Details for the All-London rally are:

All-London Rally for Gaza – 1,000 Dead: Stop the Massacre, Trafalgar Square 2 p.m., Called by PSC, StWC, BMI and other organisations.


Buy Jordan Business magazine – all proceeds of the January issue will go towards relief efforts in Gaza – for more, click here.

Alternatively, you can get physically stuck in at the Aramex warehouse where donations need to be sorted and packaged. The warehouse will be open to volunteers between 4pm and 9pm every single day until the job is done. For further details, click here.

Meanwhile, this Saturday (17 January) there will be a Souq in Aid of Gaza at the YWCA between Le Royale and Farah Hospital, between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.. For further details on contacting the organizers or finding your way there, click here.

For now that is all – but watch this space for new activities.

One comment on “Activities for Gaza: This Week

  1. kinziblogs
    January 15, 2009

    Thanks for the ping, dear :). You are a little ray of hope shining up there in Sco’lan.

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