Aid and Vetoes Send Mixed Signals to Gaza

And so we enter the New Year to a resounding cacophony of mixed signals, as Britain pledges £6.9 million in aid to Gaza, then vetoes the emergency draft UN resolution that could end the hostilities.

Demanding a halt to Israeli strikes, both Britain and the United States rejected the motion at the Security Council last night on the grounds that it made no mention of  Hamas ceasing rocket attacks.

As 2,500 reservists have been called up to bolster 6,500 soldiers already in position, Gordon Brown’s feeble whimper down the phone to Ehud Olmert remains just that – a whimper.

Clearly intending to see in 2009 on a golden fib, Brown stated  that:

We have got to secure an immediate and urgent ceasefire. I believe that this is the best opportunity for a ceasefire and for peace. I believe that the various forces involved should seize this opportunity now.

The potential for peace has been quashed however, by the rejection of the key resolution that could exert extra pressure on Israel to cease the siege that has claimed the lives of 400 Palestinians and four Israelis.

According to UNRWA, 20,000 people a day have been without food aid for two weeks.

The two figures that hold the potential to end the suffering continue to indulge in that which they do best: posturing, lying, and providing implausible amounts of hot air.

Meanwhile, Gaza burns into 2009.

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