A World Without Nukes – but does it include Israel?

In an impassioned piece by the British Foreign Secretary, David Miliband has expounded Britain’s determination to make the world a safer place:

In Paris today a new international campaign on nuclear disarmament is being launched. Global Zero will campaign for a world free of nuclear weapons. The UK already supports this aim, and the issue needs our urgent attention.

We have to stop the spread of nuclear weapons – Iran’s nuclear ambitions, for example, could be massively destabilising in a region that could do without a nuclear arms race. But, if we want the international community to work together to stop other countries getting nuclear weapons, we need to show them we are serious about multilateral nuclear disarmament. This is why the UK wants to help build a global coalition around the shared vision of a nuclear weapon-free world. [Source]

As predictable as a cheesy Christmas pantomime, Miliband wheels out Iran and North Korea to boos and heckles, cheers the United States and Britain, yet renders Israel conspicuous in its absence.

In 2006, the U.S. Defence Intelligence Agency estimated that Israel’s nuclear weapons stockpile ranged from 70 to 400 warheads.

israel-nuclearPerhaps the world’s worst kept secret, Israel has been dabbling in its nuclear hobby since 1949, when a unit of the IDF Science Corps carried out a two year geological survey of the Negev.

Then came Dimona, between 1956-1965, and the frantic scramble for full production in the aftermath of the 1967 War, resulting in the first completed warhead being inscribed with words “Never Again”, in English and Hebrew.

Inscribing on weapons…sounds familiar

But I digress.

In 1997 the United Nations General Assembly attempted to contain the nuclear race in the Middle East through Resolution 41 that would establish a nuclear-free zone.

In the run-up, and after, concerns regarding the seemingly double-standards resulting in Israel’s ability to progress unhindered were rampant, with the Saudi Foreign Minister, Prince Saud Faisal, raising the issue in Newsweek in 2005:

Iran is always mentioned but no one mentions Israel, which has [nuclear] weapons already. We wish the international community would enforce the movement to make the Middle East a nuclear-free zone.

By contrast, the previous year Ariel Sharon stated that: “Our policy of ambiguity on nuclear arms has proved its worth and it will continue.”

How Miliband can envisage Britain, and indeed the global community, assuming a serious stance, while one of the world’s top – and most belligerent – developers of nuclear warheads is broadly granted permission to continue, is ridiculous.

It is a pipe-dream, but we, and they, already know that.

Like a Christmas pantomime dame, Miliband is going through the motions, posturing and pouting his way through an improbable script.

Real unity requires equality: how can one put down their weapons, while the other reaches for the button?

Israel justifies its ‘secret’ development as a defense mechanism; has it not occurred that Iran might be doing the same?

It is a stalemate, and as soon as Miliband and his cohorts acknowledge this, as opposed to pandering both around the issue and to Israel, some semblance of calm might be on the cards.

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