The Photography of Elizabeth Salib

Flickr is a wonderful medium, whether – as in my case – it provides a bank in which to store images that would be otherwise lost due to the mercurial temperament of a laptop, or as a veritable mine of glorious and unique images taken by those blessed with a photographer’s keen eye for visual treats.2-image-by-elizabeth-salib1

As a consequence, most of the images within Flickr possess that added kick that I cannot readily trace in the urbane Google images results, or even news outlets.

Flickr also connects through images, and it is through such a process that I stumbled across the works of Elizabeth Salib.

If the details on Flickr are accurate, Salib is just 19 – I use the slightly patronising ‘just’ in light of the sheer skill and beauty of her images, which would ordinarily belie the capturings of a photographer who has been active in the genre for years.

image-by-elizabeth-salibCurrently an undergraduate double majoring in English and Philosophy at the University of Toronto Scarborough, her portraits hold a profundity that transforms the average ‘person-in-photo’ into an image that exudes a captivating ethereal aura.

Having started her artistic journey in the areas of music and anime, photography is a relatively new, yet promising, conduit:

“I have only recently discovered my passion for photography, yet even so it seems as though this venue of expression has taken me the farthest. Through my artwork I intend to do two things: express the essence of the subject of the art, and express the essence of myself. If I have done this, I feel I have done my job as an artist.”

Amidst the list of ambitions on her website sits “To become a well-known and established photographer”; given her work so far, it is a very plausible prospect.

To view more works by Salib, click here and here.

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