Forages in Palestinian Art

image-by-seth-tobocman6At the moment I have roughly eight hours to deadline, and yet I cannot help but post some of the artwork I have been studying with ridiculous intensity over the past 48 hours.

The first is by Seth Tobocman, a radical comic book artist and influential propagandist for the anti-war and anti-globalisation movement in the United States.the-camel-of-hardship-sliman-mansour2

Having published tomes such as Portraits of Israelis and Palestinians For My Parents (2003) and Three Cities Against the Wall: Palestinian, Israeli, and American Artists Protest in Three Cities (2006), the above image grabbed my attention with its loaded symbolism, vivid colours, and fantastic detail.

Even more compelling are the works of Palestinian artist Sliman Mansour, with The Camel of Hardship leading a vast collection of outstanding and arresting images.

While part of me is exhausted from the heightened pressure to finish by this evening, an equal part is delighting in the opportunity to explore the Palestinian art scene.

I would love to write that I am enjoying it so much it almost is not work, but as I feel myself drowsing at the keyboard, only to start awake with the fear of not submitting, it would be a slight fib.

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