Israeli Student Guns for A+

We’ve all been there – whether it is at school, university, or in the workplace, there comes a moment when a project is announced, only to be swiftly followed by a thunderbolt of genius in which one is certain the time has come to triumph with ingenuity, intelligence, and panache.

Although for this student, arrest, civil unrest, and probation probably didn’t feature in the original plan:

A 15-year-old Ashdod resident who said he was researching citizens’ reactions upon encountering a masked gunman was seized by gun-wielding police officers on Monday.

Only after apprehending the teen did the officers realize he was not a suicide bomber.

The hooded teen, with binoculars hanging from his neck, stirred panic when he arrived at an area near the city’s “Kalaniyot Mall” dressed in his father’s fatigues and carrying a toy gun and a large rucksack.

Large police forces rushed to the scene and, relying on the witness’ statements regarding a masked man armed with a gun prowling the streets, began preparing for dealing with a terror attack. Officers began conducting searches throughout the neighborhoods, which culminated when the suspect was spotted in one of the city’s quarters.

Officers pulled out their weapons and called on the youth to freeze. Had he attempted to flee, he would have unquestionably been shot.

The teen, who was taken into custody on suspicion of impersonating a soldier and disturbing the peace, said “I just wanted to get an A+ on my research paper.”

Police said no further legal measures would be taken against him.Β Β [Source]

While the identity of the student is not given, the sneaking feeling remains that had the child been Palestinian, perhaps the outcome would not have been so smirksome.

2 comments on “Israeli Student Guns for A+

  1. za3tar
    October 28, 2008

    Wow .. .yeah i agree with you.. i can only imagine how the story would be if the child were Palestinian πŸ™‚

  2. Hani Obaid
    November 3, 2008

    If the child were Palestinian he’d have to have a death wish to do that. Of course I’m not so sure that Palestinian kid would have a better chance of survival if he did that in downtown Ramallah.

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