U.S. Election, Economic Crisis and the War: An Event

This year has been perhaps the most tumultuous economically and politically in a long while, and as the United States election edges closer, there has been no better time to tackle those triple mega-issues of the Elections (only capitalization will do), the global economic slump, and the ongoing war(s).

Which is why the following event organised by Stop the War is so auspicious:

This year’s election in the US is the most anticipated in decades. A surprise McCain victory would have truly frightening foreign policy implications. An Obama victory would be in large part due to anti war sentiment in the US and if he wins peace loving people round the world will at least heave a sigh of relief. But many of his foreign policy statements have been less than reassuring. He sounds positively hawkish on Afghanistan. The night before the US election Stop the War is hosting a forum in London to discuss the likely impact of the election and the economic crisis on the war.

Amidst the speakers participating are Lindsey German, the Convenor of Stop the War Coalition; Tony Benn, who really necessitates no further introduction; Jonathan Steele, the Guardian journalist and author of Defeat: Why America and Britain Lost Iraq (2008); Moazzam Begg, a former Guantanamo detainee; and Nick Broomfield, the award winning director of Battle for Haditha (2007).

The public forum event, US Election, Economic Crisis and the War, will be held on Monday, 3 November, at 19:00.

The venue is Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, Holborn (with the nearest tube connection being Holburn itself), and the entrance fee is a measly £2.

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