Blind Woman Jailed for Harbouring Palestinian

When I read the snippets of this story here, I was intensely hoping the link to the full story would not be as crazily wrong as it sounded.

Needless to say, it transcends ordinary notions of ‘wrong’ and is a sad reflection of our times.

Shame on you, Judges of Rehovot:

Handicapped, diabetic single mother convicted of aiding illegal resident receives six months community service, but after finding her unfit, judge sentences her to prison.

The woman, who is blind and diabetic, was sentenced to community service when she was found guilty of harboring a Palestinian man without a residency permit.

When the Palestinian was caught in her home a few months ago the woman claimed he was the father of her child, but on the witness stand she admitted to two counts of harboring of an illegal alien.

“He’s the only person who helps me and I have no one else,” she told the judge. “I didn’t know he was an illegal resident, he has been in Israel for many years.”

The woman’s attorney and legal guardian, Gil Gabay, appealed to the court on her behalf. “She takes care of a 4-year old girl and she doesn’t have any help… if a second opinion still finds her unfit for community service then the court should examine other means of punishment,” he said.

But Judge Yaron Levy determined that “because the woman has been found unfit for community service following the two interviews granted to her, and after hearing both sides, I believe there is no escaping a prison term.” [Source]

One comment on “Blind Woman Jailed for Harbouring Palestinian

  1. Hani Obaid
    October 24, 2008

    I think the judge may justify it in that the man she was hiding may have been a suicide bomber.

    It doesn’t mention how long a prison sentence, but if it’s the same as the community service, it’s 6 months 😦

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