Ad clerum

Cathedrals, reflecting the profundity of their faith, are architectural and spiritual Goliaths.

Which is why I am perpetually seized by spasms of desire to photograph them from inside, and yet often frustrated by my inability to capture their beauty, serenity, and spirituality.

Once inside the echoing, vaulted halls of that house of God, I am enraptured by the entire milieu: the scent of the candles and incense, the delicate flowers cinching the vaults in the ceiling, the pillars that render humans the size of ants, and the rainbow of colours spilling through the glass windows.

Most of all it is the silence, occasionally broken by choirs, a bishop reciting, or the unexpected blast from an organ.

Otherwise, the atmosphere is one of whispers and silent foot-steps on the ancient slabs that have been worn by time from the sandals of the medieval monks to the Adidas trainers of today’s tourists.

Without further ado, I present perhaps not the greatest example of religious architecture, but still unaffectedly beautiful, Exeter Cathedral:

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This entry was posted on April 26, 2008 by in Europe, Frivolities & Miscellaeny, Imagery, Religion.
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