An Ode to British Summer

pink-house.gifTerrible weather has been as closely associated with Britain as fish’n’chips, yet when the summer manifests as it has this weekend, many regions become veritable havens. The beaches lose their sodden, grey texture and don beigey tones and tepid waters, while in Cornwall the turquoise sea and white sands make you sigh with wonder.

It is no surprise then, that this Bank Holiday weekend almost 18 million cars stop-started their way from all over the country down to the south-west, to soak up the sun, drool over soft-ices and brave the stonier beaches of Devon and Cornwall.

Wandering down cobbled lanes flanked by multi-coloured thatched cottages with pottery cats in windows, the bells on distant fishing boats tinkling and the scent of jasmine flowers hanging heavy in the evening air ameliorates the purple and orange sunset to the point that one can’t help but feel content.

Sure, it isn’t the Caribbean, but there is something decidedly quirky and joyful about British coastal breaks, a kind of ‘making the best of it’ effort, that brings extra brownie points into the equation.

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